ACL Update problem

  • From: "Mike Duncan" <mduncan@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "[ExchangeList]" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 08:58:48 -0500

Sorry about the last 2 I tried.

>After moving to all mailboxes, public folders, and system folders from 5.5 to 
>2003, and tuning off all services on the 5.5 server I started getting the 
>following events in the log.
>Event Type:    Warning
>Event Source:  MSExchangeIS Public Store
>Event Category:        General 
>Event ID:      9551
>Date:          6/30/2005
>Time:          1:00:03 AM
>User:          N/A
>Computer:      FACE
>An error occurred while upgrading the ACL on folder [Public 
>Folders]/RWC>ï>Bentley located on database "First Storage Group\Public 
>Folder Store (BARNEY)".
> The Information Store was unable to convert the security for /O=SHUGHART, 
> Security Identifier.
> It is possible that this is caused by latency in the Active Directory 
> Service, if so, wait until the user record is replicated to the Active 
> Directory and attempt to access the folder (it will be upgraded in place). If 
> the specified object does NOT get replicated to the Active Directory, use the 
> Microsoft Exchange System Manager or the Exchange Client to update the ACL on 
> the folder manually.
> The access rights in the ACE for this DN were 0x79b. 
>After a little searching I would the following article that Said that I should 
>have run isinteg on the 5.5 server before starting the migration.  Oops, I 
>never saw anything about this in any upgrade article I read.  Anyway, it gives 
>a solution the says it's for exchange 2000.  Is it rule of thumb that if the 
>fix worked for Exchange 2000, it will work for exchange 2003?  I want to fix 
>the problem and free up the event log of this problem.  Any advice?
>The article # is 318549
>Thanks in advance.

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