[ExchangeList] Re: A user wants to have a Pop3 account in SBS2003 Exchange

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OBTW, since you said "a user" wants to have a POP3 mailbox... 

I assumed since you were talking about the POP3 connector you knew that it
was designed to work with an external POP3 mailbox which is the primary
E-mail address associated with the Exchange mailbox.  It is not for a user
who uses an Exchange mailbox that has its own E-mail address, and *also*
wants to retrieve POP3 mail from an external mailbox.

To access the Exchange mail account and an external POP3 account at the same
time, you use one profile with additional mail accounts.  Both Exchange mail
and external mail will be stored in the same Inbox.

If separate Inbox storage is needed, then you will need two profiles, but
you are still not using the POP3 connector.  The secondary profile has no
Exchange account, just an SMTP/POP account, and delivers to a .PST file.


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No.  The POP3 connection downloads mail from the POP3 mailbox and stores it
in the Exchange mailbox.  All they need is one Outlook profile that accesses
at the Exchange mailbox.

The trick I had to learn is that the POP3 connector requires that the POP3
domain be part of the default recipient policy.  And the user's POP3 address
must be "set as primary" on the E-Mail Addresses in ADU&C.

If you make a separate recipient policy for the POP3 domain the POP3
connector doesn't work.


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In SBS2003 with Exchange 2003, does the outlook client need 2 profiles to
access a POP3 mailbox and his Exchange mailbox?

I used the POP3 connection wiz to setup the connector. Not sure I did this

Todd Lemmiksoo

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