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It helps to have an NDR when diagnosing any "didn't get mail" problems.
Have the senders received NDRs?  If so, have one of them E-mail the NDR to
your gmail, hotmail, or yahoo address, etc.


Otherwise, if no NDR:

1. If you've setup IMF to archive filtered messages, check the archive for
filtered messages.

2. If you've setup IMF with block lists (RBL or DNSBLs), check the SMTP log
for rejected connection attempts.


The SMTP logs are at





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I have a user that is complaining that she is not receiving mail from
BCI.NET, a-znet.com and a person at juno.com. When I do nslook's on the
domains in question, there setup looks OK to me. Can someone help as to
where/how to resolve this. 

I am running Exchange 2003 sp2 on Windows 2003 sp2 with IMF and reverse DNS

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