[ExchangeList] Re: A composite of Multiple User Calendars

  • From: "Dan Klobnak" <Dan.Klobnak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2006 06:15:36 -0500

-------------------------------------------------------Hi David, thank you for 
your suggestion. To clarify the desired need:
1. Each manager maintains their individual calendars. 
2. The receptionist needs access to them. - up to this stage has been
3. The request: is it possible to somehow generate a single calendar
report which reflects the particular day's events for all the managers. 

Your idea actually could lead to a solution, simply by inverting your
suggested rights. The managers would write to the calendar and the
receptionist would review.

However, that seems to indicate that a manager would be required to keep
two Calendars "Up to date" (assuming manager wanted to have a private
UNLESS there is a way for an item to be entered into one calander and
then be linked to the Public Folder calendar? Do you know if it can be
accomplished? Thanks again, Dan

Subject: [ExchangeList] Re: A composite of Multiple User Calendars
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2006 09:52:58 +0200
From: "David Sierra Fernandez" <SieFerDa@xxxxxxx>

Hi Dan,

I don't know if I understood your question but why don't you use a
public folder of calendar type???? You have one item and assign write
rights to the receptionist and read rights to the managers.

I would do it right this way, unless the receptionists should not see
each other receptionists' calendar.=20

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-------------------------------------------------------Hi there,
wondering if this is possible. Using Exchange 2003 Standard with a
Outlook 2003 and 2000 clients (in process of migrating all to 2003).=20
A request came up that the receptionist be aware of all managers'
calendars. Easy enough. However, the question came up as to the ability
to have ALL of these calendars compiled into one calendar (a composite,
an overlay, a mess, your choice). So ten people, look at and or print
one calendar with ALL their various items combined (somewhat like a
shared ACT! calendar without a user filter applied).=20

Can this technically be accomplished? Thanks, Dan
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