RE: A clean way when a co-worker leaves...

  • From: "Tiago de Aviz" <Tiago@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "[ExchangeList]" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 11:18:01 -0300

Hey Marco,


It would be easier if you don't delete the former co-worker's account. Then you 
can set on exchange general tab on AD, delivery, and set it to forward all mail 
to another guy. Just change the former co-worker's password and move it 
somewhere so it can be easy to identify that it is an disabled account.


Mail will be coming for these ex-employees for quite a while... After a while 
all you'll receive is the ex-employee's spam ;)


What we do here is to tell customers that the contact changed, etc... so we can 
deactivate once for all that old account. Before deleting, we exmerge it and 
archive it here.


Hope it helps!


Tiago de Aviz


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Subject: [exchangelist] A clean way when a co-worker leaves...

Hey all!


I´ve a question relating to the stuff which is to do, when a co-worker leaves 
the company...

First of all I set up a forwarding from this users mailbox to another 
co-worker, who is still in the company. Then I deactivate the users ads 

After a period of time I delete the mailbox, so the forwarding isn't working 
anymore (ok,that's logic...) And every mail which arrives for the not existing 
user comes up in my admin mailbox. Is there a way to "map" all the 
SMTP-adresses the that user, where I set up the forwarding to?



We have Ex2K and several SMTP-adresses for each user 
(marco.zentarra@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, marco.zentarra@xxxxxxx; 
marco.zentarra@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, etc)

The co-worker Tom Hanks leave the company, so I set up a forwarding from his 
mailbox to the mailbox of Bill Jones. So far, so good. After a period of time I 
delete the mailbox and user account of Tom Hanks, all mails to 
come up in my admin mailbox. Is there a way to "map" all Tom Hanks mail 
addresses to Bill Jones? So this isn't a real forwarding anymore, but the point 
is that it isn't me who have to check these mails..... :-)


TIA ( and I hope that you understand my weird English an my question...) 



Mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards

Marco Zentarra



ONLine Distributions GmbH

Unna - München - Dresden

Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 4

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Fax 02303 - 98601-601 

eMail marco.zentarra@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 



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