A clean way when a co-worker leaves...

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  • Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 10:31:52 +0100

Hey all!


I´ve a question relating to the stuff which is to do, when a co-worker
leaves the company...

First of all I set up a forwarding from this users mailbox to another
co-worker, who is still in the company. Then I deactivate the users ads

After a period of time I delete the mailbox, so the forwarding isn't
working anymore (ok,that's logic...) And every mail which arrives for
the not existing user comes up in my admin mailbox. Is there a way to
"map" all the SMTP-adresses the that user, where I set up the forwarding



We have Ex2K and several SMTP-adresses for each user
(marco.zentarra@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, marco.zentarra@xxxxxxx;
marco.zentarra@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, etc)

The co-worker Tom Hanks leave the company, so I set up a forwarding from
his mailbox to the mailbox of Bill Jones. So far, so good. After a
period of time I delete the mailbox and user account of Tom Hanks, all
mails to tom.hanks@....de come up in my admin mailbox. Is there a way to
"map" all Tom Hanks mail addresses to Bill Jones? So this isn't a real
forwarding anymore, but the point is that it isn't me who have to check
these mails..... :-)


TIA ( and I hope that you understand my weird English an my question...)



Mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards

Marco Zentarra



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