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I read through the exchange study guide book by Will schmied as well as various 
I also recommend  (actually i regard this as an essential) you get some example 
questions e.g. from transcender. You need to do this to learn how to read what 
quesion exactly Microsoft are asking of you. Sometimes the question/ list of 
answers seems to be very ambiguous.
As a previous person advised, ensure you are not Exchange only - ensure you 
have a good understanding of the dependent services: AD, Networks (esp. 
routing), DNS. When you finish you will get a score breakdown of four or five 
skill areas; installing exchange, troubleshooting exchange, troubleshooting 
services supporting exchange, etc.. (securing + managing exchange?)


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Ok, thanks. Just bought the book, waiting for Amazon to deliver. By the way for 
those who have sat the exam, what should one expect

Manhar Sharma <manhars@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

        Hi Dave
        This is Manhar here.
        As such we have BPB Publications for easy to go books in India, but i 
believe it will not be available in your area, hence i sujjest to read 
Microsoft Press book
        Let me know ur views
        On 11/07/07, Dave stevens <london31uk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

                Hi Guys,
                Looking to take this exam soon. Just wondering if anyone has 
great ideas on books to read, currently using Sams Exchange 2003 Unleashed. Any 
advice would be greatly appreciated.

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