550 5.7.1 Unable to relay for

  • From: "Mahmoud Amin Ismail" <mahmoud@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 4 May 2005 18:37:01 +0200

Our default smtp is username@xxxxxxxxxxx
<BLOCKED::mailto:username@xxxxxxxxxxx>  and we have some users who are
having an additional secondary address which is username@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
<BLOCKED::mailto:username@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  .
We have configured recipient policy to add @company.com as the primary
address to user accounts .
We would not want policy to add @oldaddress.com to users while still
want the server to accept mail to oldaddress.com, to accomplish this we
added the smtp address @oldaddress.com to the recipient policy while we
did not chech the box next to it. We also configured the policy to be
responsible to the @oldaddress.com by cheching the this exchange
organization is responsible..... box
The result was that when someone send email to usernama@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
<BLOCKED::mailto:usernama@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  he gets the 550 5.7.1 Unable
to relay for username@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
<BLOCKED::mailto:username@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  .
Please advise how to sort this out...?

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