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  • Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 13:07:51 +0700

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Subject: [exchangelist] esm refresh problem


i install sp3 to ex2k on w2k as with sp3 already installed.
already seem works fine.  but i'm facing these problem.
esm won't auto refresh and when email is sent out from 
queues, the list (queues history ?) won't disapeared.  but
before i'm setup sp3, it can auto refresh, and the queue list
will disapeared if have no mails anymore.
eq : i sent an email to @yahoo.com, then at queue list will 
come out until it sent out. if no mail anymore, it will disapeared.
but after setup sp3 for ex2k, they wouldn't works again.
how to solve these problem ?


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