[ExchangeList] 2003 Front End server and public folder storage

  • From: "Irwan Hadi" <ihblist@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 00:14:51 -0600

-------------------------------------------------------On Exchange 2003 Front 
End server, what is the best to deal with the
public folder storage there? Leave it mounted, dismount it, or delete
There is no public folder replica on the front end public folder storage.
I know that the mail storage needs to be mounted for SMTP to works.

Anyway, my problem though is, I got a couple emails sent to
mail-enabled public folders which stucked at the local delivery queue.

In more detail, the public folder storage at the front-end server was
dismounted from the time the server was setup (back in March 2006)
until now. Today, I noticed email sent from the Internet to one of our
mail-enabled public folders (say, public folder B) was delayed. So, I
mounted the public folder storage at the front-end, and emails flow
without any problem to public folder B.

But now, emails from Internet sent to a different public folder (say,
public folder A) get stucked at the front end local delivery queue.

I've never experienced this issue before at other Exchange
organization, where the public folder storage at the front end was
never dismounted at all.

Good thing, we only have a handful mail enabled public folders, but
back to the original question, so the public folder at the front-end
server be dismounted, mounted, or deleted?
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