[exchange2003] Re: loading outlook 2003 from third party software

  • From: "Haixin Wang" <wanghaixin19@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 15 May 2006 11:16:31 +0800

Dear Eddy,

There is no any options to select which method to use to send alerts. It
provides the fields to fill in computer names and email addresses. No fields
to fill in SMTP value or user id/password and so on. It looks like the
software is set to use outlook inside its code and the sending email is
using Storage Manager Broadcast service and Storage Manager Comm Service
which are automatically started using local system account. If I set it to
use my domain/administrator account, they will fail to start up.
Because the exchange server is in another server and the outlook needs to
log into exchange using domain account instead of local system acccount.

I tried to use VB.NET to use SMTP to send emails. It works fine without
asking for domain log in.

On 5/12/06, Eddy Alexandre <Eddyal@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Mr Wang,

The proper configuration that works all the time with Veritas for example
is to use the smtp engine to send out the messages instead of the local
outlook client.

Let me know if you have that option, if not I will dive deeper.

Best regards,

Eddy Alexandre
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*From:* Haixin Wang <wanghaixin19@xxxxxxxxx>
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The current log in is already the administrator. And the Adaptec storage manager v3.32 is sending email alerts using outlook 2003 installed in this machine. But the problem is whenever the storage manager trys to send an alert, it will pop up a dialog requiring to manually input the administrator account and password. Thus, the alert sending is not able to be made to automatically. Anyone knows how to configure outlook 2003 or others to make such dialog disappeared?

Mr. Wang Haixin
Senior Software Engineer
Mobile: 94366765

Mr. Wang Haixin
Senior Software Engineer
Mobile: 94366765

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