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We've done this a bit differently.  Our 11th grade 5-pointers took module E
this year.  They will take F and G in the winter.  Those who don't pass can
either retake the exam in the summer or choose to take modules C and D in
the summer so that they will have a 4-point grade.


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> In our 5 point classes this year, we recommended to the learners
> who we felt
> were borderline, to take the 4 point test this year (C,D and E)
> as a safety
> net.  Especially since the tests were such unknowns, we felt that kids who
> might do poorly on the F and G modules (since they are 40%
> writing each one)
> would benefit from having the 4 point test under their belts.
> They will be
> taking the F and G in the winter (my school tries to get as many kids
> finished with English in the winter - school policy - a way of
> cutting down
> on teachers).  Then, if they do poorly, they can decide to either
> stay with
> their 4 point test, or try and improve the 5 point modules.  I am not sure
> we will all (teachers, administration AND learners) feel that
> this was worth
> it, but we will see what the outcomes are in the end, and draw our
> conclusions.

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