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Laurie ended her massage with her statement that

> Quite frankly, I'm wearing thin. I wish I could be more optimistic about 
> this change,

>but I'm not. Why are teachers NEVER asked what they feel and think and know 
>from the field?

I agree with ALL she and Vera said, but these last words reflect my 

It seems that what we have to say has no weight at all.

The powers to be can change our working conditions, the syllabus, our 
salaries etc. and we have no say.

We are there, at the front of the classroom, everyday. We know "something" 
about the real situation in the education system.

We may even have a few ideas that could work. But no one asks and when we 
contribute, it seems that no one listens.

To be fair with Dovrat, the changes could be good for the system and us in 
the end.

However, the way things usually happen in our strange country, the plan will 
come to be BUT only partially.

The teachers - US- are going to pay the most in the end!

I can't see myself taking on another class (30+ more pupils) and teaching 
with the same care as before.

From what I understand, we are NOT given hours for preparing materials, 
quizzes, exams, marking papers etc. as was pointed at first. Most of the 
hours (if not all) are going to longer regular teaching hours in class, 
additional hours teaching small groups and individuals who need the extra 
help and in-service training.

As for working conditions - For the last few years my school has been 
closing off any logical location to form new classrooms. There is no other 
room to form working areas enough for even most of the teachers. We receive 
parents in the treachers' room or the library instead of some other quiet, 
private place. Where are we going to be able to sit and work quietly, not to 
mention computers, books etc?

I can see us working 8 to 4 and going home to do more, instead of less.

One last point, what about pay? Everyone is pointing out that a new teacher 
is going to earn around 5000. Wow!

If I get more money because I take on more hours, but the value of each hour 
is not that much higher than it was before, where is our increase in salary? 
Don't take me wrong. I want to be a teacher, but I don't like having sand 
thrown into my eyes to blind out the truth.

If the changes are going to be done as a whole - good, even great. But if 
not - don't do them at all.


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