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From: "Erich Lewitus" - erichl@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: listening Comp

We've done away with testing literature, book reports, role play and the 250-300 word composition (the new writing tasks are extremely frustrating for the students) on the Bagrut exam, listening comprehension is an essential part of learning a language, in fact it should be done from a very early age. There should be special programmes for teaching through listening, I know my students love it, and some of them even remember whole
stories they have listened to. I have been to countries, such as China where they seem to speak very well, expression, phrasal verbs and all, but can't understand a word when they are spoken to.

I suggest you carry on doing listening comprehensions, filling in missing words (or is this a dirty word in our present day teaching practices) after they have listened to a passage twice, repeating expressions while stopping the tape and any other creative activities you might find effective. The students learn to listen, (which is so refreshing, as opposed to listening only to themselves talking or to their teacher). They also find it very satisfying when they learn to take notes while listening; a whole new world
of possibilities can be achieved with listening comprehensions.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to express myself, if anybody would like some help using LC in the classroom, I would be more than willing to help.


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