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From: sharon peress <s_peress@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Module E of the English Bagrut

Hello all you English teachers,

I am a private English tutor and I follow the ETNI discussions very 
closely as I am interested and also because the quality of teaching 
in the schools very much affects what some of my students,  or 
potential students, come to me for (also the changing requirements 
for the Bagrut exams). In fact, as you probably all realize, as the 
hours of English instruction decrease (or should the quality of instruction 
in the schools decline, or should classes get larger, or whatever),
private English tutors sort of benefit, though this is a rather unfortunate
state of affairs.

In any case, my own son took Module E yesterday (5-point Bagrut, 
he is in 11th grade) and said it was fine. But a friend of mine told me 
that in her son's school, there was a big problem with the school bell 
ringing during the radio transmission and the kids not being able to 
hear the radio transmission. Oh well...  

By the way, I also sense that for my son, keeping up with his 
math Bagrut studies is more important than his English, and I can 
also state that I think it is sad that my son has not had to read almost 
any English literature except for a few short stories and poems, 
and perhaps an essay or two. I believe that 5-pointers can easily get 
though some of the easier and shorter English language novels and 
plays, such as "The Pearl." They may not understand every single 
word but they ought to be able to get through them (unabridged version). 
When I studied French in high school (in the States), I had to read 
all sorts of French literature, constantly consulting a dictionary to 
look up words. I believe that gave me a better appreciation of the 
language (and the French culture, the French sensibility, etc.) , 
and an enriched vocabulary. In my private lessons, I do try to 
expose my students (not Bagrut students though, who want to 
work only on Bagrut material) to "real" books. 

Sharon Peress

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