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From: "Tom Balazs" - etnimail@xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Kids: "Too Wired For Their Own Good?"

The cover story in Time magazine this week, entitled "Too Wired For Their Own Good?"

"When class rings out, a roomful of teens reach for their cell phones to call or SMS buddies down the hall, or even in the same room. Every waking moment is filled with something, but it's all in small doses. Thanks to the way the human brain processes multiple simultaneous activities, it's apparently becoming rare to really delve deeply into any one subject or relationship, so while the kids are collecting information about a really wide range of topics, the depth just isn't there anymore.
"The article says that '[t]eenagers who fill every quiet moment with a phone call or some kind of e-stimulation may not be getting that needed reprieve. Habitual multitasking may condition their brain to an overexcited state, making it difficult to focus even when they want to.' That extends to social interaction as well, and the parents can be intimidated by their teenagers' scattered focus ... full text - http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20060320-6417.html

(ETNI adds - see also - " Are kids too plugged in?"
http://www.etni.org/news/toopluggedin.htm )

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