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  • Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2010 20:50:28 +0200

Dear Etniers,
I have been sitting quietly on the sidelines of the ETNI forum  for a long
time watching / reading the for and against letters.  Now I want to add my 2
cents only because I hope that since things have been settled.. teachers
will calm down and begin to understand the wonderful opportunity being given
them. This opportunity is the  literature log .. Having done two sets of
logs with two different classes (handed in for grades)  , I can only say the
feedback from the students was phenomenal.. NOT only did they enjoy doing
the work but they felt they learned a lot and were enriched by the HOTS and
the literature.  Another benefit that all the students mentioned is the fact
they had ONE less external exam to take  and were under much less pressure.

As for the grades, they were between 70 and 99.  and 90% of the work was
done in class so there was  no worry about the students doing -cut and paste
or plagiarism.  As for parents interfering.. I am aware of the fact that at
some schools there is pressure put on teachers.. I believe that if this
happens in the case of the log, teachers should be and will be backed by
their inspector.  I know teachers who have been bullied to change tzione
shnati.. which is also wrong.

We should not be afraid to choose  doing  the log with our students because
we are afraid of the parents..

I urge all of you to consider the log as it's  simply better for the kids ..
I truly believe this ( and especially for the 4 pointers and the LD kids as
we can support them along the way .)

*"It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than
anything else, will affect its successful outcome."**
  - **William James*

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