[etni] dictionaries

  • From: mkalla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: etni@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2013 17:14:56 +0200

It really seems as if those students  who decide to use the white dictionary
should be penalized and are banned from using a better dictionary . i.e. the
Eng. Eng. Heb. Dictionary.
Like Barry, I can't see any  logical reason for not allowing two

My 5 pointers would probably prefer having the Heb. English dictionary for
the composition but I believe the other one is much better for the Unseen. I
must confess that up till now I did not even know that they can use the Heb
Eng. Dictionary. I read about the decision to let them use Heb. Eng
dictionary but thought that only  an approved  dictionary was allowed and I
never heard about a good authorized comprehensive dictionary.  The white one
is very good for JH school.

It is a dilemma. Can something be done about this poor rule of using just
one dictionary??

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