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I just heard that there was a change for 3 point (C) students re: dictionaries. 
 Previously they were able to bring in any, including Passport.  A teacher just 
called me to say that now the 3 point students are restricted to the same 
dictionaries as the 5 point students.  And moed alef is in only a month and a 
half.  There are a number of schools that specialize in weak and problematic 
students.  They provide the dictionaries and don't have Oxford.  Forgetting 
about the problem of level...   In order to purchase the amount they would need 
they need a special budget, which cannot be obtained at the last minute.  
Usually these schools have to plan the budget a year or more earlier, so any 
change has to be announced over a year before the test.
What are these schools, teachers, students supposed to do?  Does anyone  really 
think that they can do the bagrut without the dictionaries they were taught to 





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