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Interesting thread!  A few comments -
You don't have to go back as far as Damon Runyon.  Even John Grisham has
written a novel in the present simple tense (I believe The Rainmaker).
Short stories in the present tense give a feeling of added tension and

Book reports should be in the present simple because the events take place
every time you read the book (frequency). However, as it has been said, the
most important thing is consistency.

No matter what unusual tasks you set out for your kids, they can either find
something to copy on the Internet or write a report based on a Hebrew
translation of the book.  If they are dumb enough to write "Harry Potter and
the Stone of the Smarts" (sic!) you can pick up on it, but a sophisticated
student can always find a way.

Writing a book report in class is not a waste of time!  Have them bring the
book so you can see it was read in English, give them a choice of tasks,
help them use their dictionaries, answer grammar questions - it is
composition writing without their having to rack their brains for subject
matter.   Good exercise!

Judy Cohen

"Music will save the world."  Pablo Casals

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