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  • Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 15:25:04 +0200

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Hello everyone!
 I have beeen reading with great interest all the reactions to the bagrut.I 
agree wholeheartedly to all comments relating to logistics, it really is a 
catastrophe! I would like to make two comments.
1) Could someone please explain to me why it is so important to know what was 
changed in the passage given. Does it make any difference to what is being 
tested? as far as the content is concerned i am sure that bagrut papers are 
prepared well in advance so let's not read more than there is to it. 
2) I also tested orally some students and found that it was "safer' to check or 
even "recheck" the work when I was not in a state of total exhaustion from all 
the running around that was going on on the bagrut day. When I checked the 
papers and needed some help I found a senior examiner at home and got all the 
answers I needed. The fact that we can turn to senior examinors is a very 
welcome change and extremely helpful.
Suzanne Clayman.
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