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I hope you are making use of the Mock Babrut Exams that we have put up on
the TAMID website.  See below for instructions on how to access them.

I'd like to thank Sara and others who have pointed out some mistakes in
these exams.  I have revised the exams  to make corrections where I've seen
mistakes but would like to emphasize that these aren't professional
versions.  They are simply meant to make life a bit easier for us as
teachers.  Feel free to make any changes you feel necessary or useful to
you.  We tried to stay as close as possible to the sample exams in the NBA
handbook, so since the those exams don't have points for the A exam, we
didn't put points for ours.  Also the Mikud for the summer doesn't have an
informal letter although there is one in our Mock exam.  It's easy enough to
change the writing task to reflect the Mikud.

Enjoy!  Now here's how to access the Mock exams for the A, B, C and D
Go to the TAMID English website at:  http://tamid.cet.ac.il/tamid/english.
Then go to the "Resource Center" at the bottom right hand of the screen and
click on "Lessons & Activities "(where you'll find lots of other interesting
resources as well).  To comment on our exams or to share your own materials
with other teachers, click on "Forums" under "Communication" ( and then
"Mock Exams - Share your ideas")

And while you're at our website, have a look at the descriptions of online
courses we're offering for next year (click on "Course Descriptions & Info"
under "Online Courses"in the upper right hand of the screen), comment on our
other forums, apply for your free membership and browse around the other
features on the website.

Renee Wahl

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