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Hi All,
Below is the text of a message that is being sent to the mailing lists of 
various English speaking communities, as well as being distributed through 
the Jewish Agency, Nefesn b'Nefesh and other groups that encourage aliah, 
and sponsored and supported by our Ministry of Education.
I wrote the signators my own reply, but I have a feeling that many of you 
might have something to say about this as well and believe that we need to 
make ourselves heard.  Here it is:
Renee Wahl

WANTED: Teachers for Israel: English Teachers Project

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Thu Jan 8, 2009 10:07 am (PST)

Teachers for Israel
English Teachers Project

There is a growing demand for qualified English teachers in Israel at the 
elementary and high school level. This need provides a golden opportunity to 
aliyah candidates from English-speaking countries to fill these positions.

The Ministry of Education, the Jewish Agency for Israel, the Ministry of 
Immigrant Absorption, and Nefesh B'Nefesh have partnered to launch an 
English Teachers Project for new olim.

This program provides a supportive framework for new immigrants to acquire a 
profession and to help meet the growing demand for qualified English 
teachers in Israel in teaching.

Eligibility Requirements
•Singles or married couples from North America who hold a BA degree in any 
field or discipline
•Interview with your local aliyah shaliach and a Ministry of Education 

The Program
50 candidates will be selected for the Teachers for Israel Project
The program includes:
•Housing at the Jerusalem Beit Canada or Raanana Absorption Centers
•Teacher Certificate training (for elementary and high school) at the David 
Yellin College in Jerusalem or the Lewinsky College in the greater Tel Aviv 
•The learning track will consist of 3 semesters which include: Hebrew Ulpan, 
teacher training, and a paid internship.
•The internship will take place in a small class setting (of approximately 
15 students) accompanied by a tutorial teacher. Following the training 
period, candidates will receive a Teachers Certificate issued by the 
Ministry of Education.
•The newly certified teachers will then be offered positions in schools 
according to local needs and within the official pay scale for new teachers.
•The duration of the program is 14 months.

Compensation and Terms of Employment
First Year
• Participants will receive a standing loan of NIS 11,200 per year that 
becomes a grant upon commencing work as a teacher
• An Absorption Basket of approximately NIS 1500 per month
• Eligible olim, as per Nefesh B’Nefesh criteria, will receive an increase 
in the NBN grant.
• Overall, program participants will receive a combined living stipend of 
between NIS 2,500-3,000 per month, and will be exempt from paying tuition 

Second Year
• Teachers will be employed full-time, within the "Ofek Chadash" program 
framework and will earn a monthly salary of approximately NIS 5,600.

Third Year
• Teachers will earn approximately NIS 5,600 per month, an additional 
incentive of between 25%-80% of the base salary will be offered for 
positions in peripheral (Galilee and Negev) areas.

Application Process
• Complete a short questionnaire
• Following a review of the questionnaire, candidates will be screened by 
his/her aliyah shaliach and a Ministry of Education shaliach. Below are the 
locations and dates of the interviews:
o New York: February 22-23, 2009
o Washington, DC & Baltimore: February 24, 2009
o Chicago: February 25, 2009
o Toronto: February 26, 2009
o Los Angeles: February 28 and March 1, 2009

• The program will begin in July 2009
• School placements in September 2010

Applications must be submitted by February 15, 2009.

For further information please contact your local aliyah shaliach"

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