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  • Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 12:06:27 +0200

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The point, as *I* see it, is that while Bagrut grades are more or less 
objective (even though we have all heard all kinds of horror stories 
about ministry-appointed proctors who turn a blind eye on the cheaters), 
school grades are too easy to tamper with. My vice-principal (I'm not 
supposed to tell you the name of the school... :(  ) used to tell me 
what grades to give to what pupils. when I made it clear I was not going 
to take part in that game, the administration said OK = and they just 
doctored the grades on their own adjusting them so as to make sure 90% 
of the pupils would pass no matter what.

So I assume that making the final grade 50:50 used to be an arrangement 
that gave fairness a chance. Any deviation from it wil skew the results 
even further, and that this is what made Daniel so agitated.

By the way, the fact that school administration if so often so eager to 
cook the books indicates that the system is seriously sick. Morbid. 
Rotten. I wonder how - if at all - the Dovrat report deals with this 
ugly phenomenon. Sue to my "insufficient flexibility" I've worked under 
more principals than most of you. 90% of them are not professionals - 
they are political creatures, cousins and friends of someone in the 
local government, and their promotion has nothing to do with either 
their track record as administrators nor with their rock-solid morals. 
They are there because they are loyal to the hand that signed their 
appointment. Only few of them steal (like the principal of the Brenner 
High in Tel Aviv who told teachers to add hours to their monthly reports 
that they had not taught - then told them to bring her the money earned 
for these fictitious hours, allegedly to invest in school repairs...) - 
but very few will hesitate to fire an excellent but non-compliant teacher.

Best -


Bari Nirenberg wrote:

>I must be missing your point here.  It seems to me that if the Bagrut is
>worth 20% and the teacher's grade is worth 80% then students will be MORE
>motivated to study and do well in school because their schoolwork is going
>to count a whole lot more than the exam(s) that they take at the end of the
>>Mr. Dovrat wants the Bagrut to be worth 20% of the grade. We
>>spend most of our time preparing our students in grades 9  - 12
>>for projects, bagrut modules. English speakers clamour in grade
>>10 that they should be allowed to write the bagrut in grade 11.
>>The NBA is designed to raise the grades of English in this
>>country. We are being told to ignore the benchmarks in favour of
>>bagrut assessment.
>>Did Dovrat even speak to Judy Steiner about his ideas for English
>>bagrut? Is there any communication up there in the halls of the
>>ministry?  Do those lunatics realise that the Dovrat proposals
>>will destroy the motivation of students to learn English in this country?

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