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I'd like to raise 2 or 3 points in answer to the questions and issues raised 
in the message below:
1.  It is the Inspectorate's job to identify the schools that aren't 
teaching literature (either at all or inadequately).  Perhaps I'm wrong, but 
isn't that implied in their name?
Teachers have enough on their plates, assuming they carry out all their 
responsibilities properly; we shouldn't have to concern ourselves with the 
MOE's responsibilities as well!

2.  An acrimonious tone is indeed a problem, but it is not limited to one 
side of the fence!  If were to check ETNI's archives, I'm sure we'd find out 
why (at least) just many anti-HOTS colleagues were reluctant to post their 
opinions as those that are pro-HOTS.  (The claim that there were more of the 
former than the latter points to the anxiety and/or frustration that many 
colleagues felt about their justifiable concerns remaining unaddressed; 
hopefully that's largely a problem of the past.)

As for those that (supposedly) don't care one way or the other, there's not 
much that can be done to discourage apathy -- except to refrain from 
acrimonious comments; that in itself will encourage an interchange of ideas, 
which is what ETNI is all about in the first place.
It's difficult to believe that there are too many apathetic teachers in our 
profession; overwhelmed might be a more appropriate adjective.

Keeping open lines of communication and a healthy respect for differing 
opinions is always of utmost importance, as my experience has borne out. 
Brand me a hopeless optimist too!


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> Dear All,
> I must say something.
> While I am not a 100% fan of how the HOTS program was to unfold, I am left 
> with a bitter taste in my mouth with the recent news. I see no victory 
> here. I have heard many say they love literature and love to teach it. But 
> what about the scores of teachers who dont, and probably havent been 
> teaching it? What kind of experience have their students had over the past 
> years? What kind of experience will they have now? Think about the 
> students in their classrooms.
> Additionally, I have really objected over the past months to the 
> acrimonious tone and often downright bullying by many teachers whom I 
> admire otherwise. It really turned me off. I do not believe people felt 
> they could openly state their feelings on Etni unless you were an 
> anti-HOTS person - if you look at the messages over the past year, you 
> will see a dwindling of pro-HOTS or even lukewarm comments and a dominance 
> of the other. I am also of the opinion that there are tons of teachers who 
> dont care one way or another.  Now we are left with a group splintered 
> into many factions which is sad as we have enough on our hands as it is.
> Personally, for the next 3 years, I would like to see a task force made up 
> of a cross section of teachers to meet along with the Inspectorate in a 
> series of "roll up your sleeves and get to work meetings" to achieve what 
> we all want - an excellent program for our students and to look at all 
> aspects of the Bagrut. The requirement to join is a pledge to work with 
> those who may have an opposing view. I would like to see this group 
> earnestly work together in a spirit of cooperation under the motto: "There 
> are no problems. Only solutions to problems." Call me a cockeyed optimist.
> Louise
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