[etni] Google helping kids with LDs

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  • Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2012 06:58:01 +0300

Dear ETNIers,
I just HAD to share this one with you. Google has a lot of tools to help
our students. This is a story about how a student with LDs can use the
Voice Search in Google can help students (not only with LDs)
become independent.
(See link in forwarded message)

And while I am on the subject, if any of you get the opportunity to
participate in the Google Academy for Teachers, grab it! The second ever
Academy in Israel is going on now. It opens the door to an endless world of
possibilities for using technology in the classroom with your students.

Happy Passover !


*This week's words of wisdom:*
*"**He who laughs last, thinks slowest**."*


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Thanks Rushton and Alice for the great review about the Cheryl and Morgan
search story.
I wrote a blog post about how my special education students improved their
grades by having a shared google doc, voice to text in Chrome google search
and reading levels once they found their articles. I never knew where that
would lead. I thank Lorraine, Jon and Owen, google video producers who saw
the story and then told our story. Please share with your special educators
and their students. The possibilities are endless!

Cheryl Oakes, Resource Room teacher/facilitator, NYC 08

Thanks to this great google community for all I have learned and then been
able to share!


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