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I am most probably sticking my neck out here, and no, I am not thrilled with
my pay cheque every month but... we work for ten months of the year in which
we cram twelve months' work, as we work evenings, weekends, have meetings,
do work for which there is no compensation (tfilla, phone calls etc). So I
reckon that in the summer it is OK to take my salary and do nothing. 
Substitute teachers work and get paid (??) for the hours they do. Therefore
they should not work any more hours unless they get paid for them.
Have a good evening

But surely none of us are paid for after school meetings?

David Graniewitz

Marlene wrote:
>FYI, salary for substitutes in JHS or HS is: 44.64 shekels. As
> subs are not paid for PTA meetings or teacher meetings - don't go.
> This info. from Irgun Morim.

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