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 The weight of the literature module is 26%. Before getting upset
about an anticipated lost point, multiply 89 by 26% (23.14)and then 90
by 26% (23.4). You will see that there is no difference in terms of
the final grade. They would only be rounded up a point if it were
23.5. Show this to your students, and everyone will calm down.

Evelyn wrote:
> Hi All...before we head off for Yom HaZikaron and Independence Day, I
> have a question about the grades for the LOG.  I am concerned that
> because there is no teacher’s grade on the log, the students may
> ultimately get a grade that they wouldn’t have gotten under normal
> circumstances.  I wrote the following to Judy and am waiting for her
> response:
> Dear Judy,
> After checking my literature logs, I have several students who are on
> the cusp...that is, one student has a 99, two have 89s, and one has a
> 79.  Under normal circumstances, it is obvious that the students'
> grades would be raised by a point so that they could receive 100,90,80
> respectively.  Unfortunately, because the log grade is determined by
> percentages and there is no room for teachers' consideration, these
> lower grades will be turned in as their bagrut grade.  It seems to me
> that there should be some maneuverability in cases like this.
> Any suggestions? (other than going back through each unit and finding
> ways to raise them by a point- which is not exactly educational, I am
> afraid)
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