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All of the keys for all of the modules are prepared by Machon Szold. Machon
Szold does not post the keys online. I believe that in the past, the
Ministry posted a few keys, but I don't think they do so anymore. In any
case, the keys have never been posted by the Ministry immediately following
the exam -- even the Bagrut markers don't get a key for a couple of weeks
or so.
As was mentioned, the answers in the newspaper were always posted by one of
the private companies, I believe Yoel Geva. Note that this has never been
an official key -- it is incomplete and on at least one occasion, I
remember an answer that was only worth partial credit. I assume the folks
at Yoel Geva didn't see the lit exam, as not that many schools took it,
which is why they didn't publish their answers.


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> Subject: Re: Winter new lit "F" Bagrut answers
> I checked out the answers posted on the Internet..thank you so   much
> for giving the site address......
> However, I noticed that the answers to the "F" literature exam were
> not there.... Rumor has it that there is no answer key as yet???
> MAybe I haven't been teaching long enough but it seems to me that
> answers should be written at the same time as the questions. Am I
> wrong? How can students be expected to answer when the test writers
> haven't done so? ( Does no one recall the days of  "backward planning"
> ? )What if when the test writers do finally produce an answer they
> discover the question is faulty?
> I once took an excellent course in the preparation of tests. Perhaps
> it should be offered as a refresher course to those who need it? jesg

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