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Subject: Re: Reed And Anonymity

I wonder, we sometimes express here on etni this fear of retribution,
but, with all the problems that are raised here legitimately, has
anyone ever actually had his/her paranoia proven prudent? I haven't
and I've never heard of any examples of such treatment, which I think
is good news for our system, for all its drawbacks. How about you?

Anonymous wrote:
> I would like to explain why I posted my comments and questions about
> the Reed directive anonymously. I may be slightly paranoiac about
> this, but my sense is that what I have raised will not be viewed with
> any degree of openness at the hityashvut inspectorate. My fear is that
> the result could well be overzealous inspection of the literature
> programs of our staff. I am not ready to raise issues that might
> affect my colleagues who are younger and newer in the profession than
> I am. On a personal level I have no intention of cooperating with the
> demand to engage in a paperwork dialog with counselors and will deal
> with the consequences if there are any.
> All this however is a side issue. I hope that readers will look at the
> comments and questions I posted and relate to those, rather than to
> who wrote them.

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