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Subject: Re: Does grammar really matter?

Americans are no better with overuse of the present progressive,
confusion of adverbs and adjectives and eliminaton of perfect tenses.
Just listen to President Barak O' Bama speak freely (not from a
pre-written speech) and you hear every mistake listed above.

Adele wrote:
> absolutely! It took me a while after marrying a Brit , to get used to
> the poor grammar prevalent in the UK even among many educated people.

bareldj@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Following Jenifer's anecdote about one of her student's ingenuous question
> whether native speakers actually apply grammar rules in their everyday
> discourse, I was reminded of a survey conducted about 5 years ago in England
> which discovered that only 3 percent of the native born population speak the
> English of say, news announcers or high school literature teachers.
> Vocabulary apart, one only has to watch a few British TV programmes to
> realise that a large percentage of native British speakers make more grammar
> mistakes than the average Israeli student!

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