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Subject: Constructive Thinking

Sharon shalom

I like your choice of HOTS and your reasoning why using these
particular ones are good for literature teaching.

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Sharon wrote:
> More significant – there is a world of difference between teaching 6 HOTs and 
> teaching 14. This is a quantitative difference that is
actually also qualitative. I imagine that the 6 chosen will not be six
which are very similar – making students come up with fine
distinction. I imagine that they will choose  6 that differ from each
other considerably. This will make it far easier to teach and to deal
with. Perhaps we can suggest the ones we think are best. My vote would
be different perspectives (because of its unique role in literature)
generating possibilities (which I consider to be the most creative
HOT), comparing and contrasting (because it is such a useful tool for
analysis in literature), uncovering motives (again, very important to
literature), and perhaps "evaluating" – because it gives the students
a chance to express their own opinions.
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