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From: Esther Revivo <estherrevivo@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: BBC English

As an avid listener of the BBC (who is sorry they will be firing 20%
of their worldwide staff and limiting productions of some of their
excellent documentaries) I'd like to add a comment to Laurin's mention
of that enterprise:

One can no longer categorize 'BBC English' as we did many years ago,
when only the upper class intonation and accent was heard on their
international radio station. Nowadays one may hear Anglo-Caribbean,
Scotch and Irish accents on a regular basis. I even recall a letter of
complaint aired from a listener bemoaning the accent of a female
Scottish broadcaster (whom I no longer hear-- maybe she is now working
at one of BBC's local stations)

BTW, I find the BBC severely lacking in objectivity when dealing with
Israel. Maybe they never forgave us for bombing the King David Hotel!
However, they do offer some great listening. i.e. "Outlook,"
"Witness," and "The Proms,"  which, dear fellow Americans, are
concerts and not the post high school parties we Yanks use the word

Esther Revivo

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