[etni] Re: FWD: testing the projects orally

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  • Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2004 17:56:59 +0200

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Just one comment...  My own 11th grade English speakers will be tested in
early May.  They did their projects in groups and I have two groups of three
students each who will talk about the same project (each project will be
discussed three times).  Hearing it once might be interesting.  Hearing the
same thing three times is a bit much, I think, especially since the total
number of students being tested is so small that the tester will most likely
have to hear about the same project two or three times in a row.  Yeah, it's
better than having to listen to them ask 10 memorized questions, but not


>  Skeptics have told me that in years to come, when the rest of
> the kids are at this stage, I will find that
> they memorize a monologue about their project, and it will become
> just as unauthentic as the modified
> role-plays.
>  However, I really think not... I trust myself to be able to
> engage them in conversation in a way that I will
> certainly be able to assess their ability to speak authentically
> about their projects.

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