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  • Date: Thu, 02 Jul 2009 10:32:07 -1000

I've set up the Ethnobiology Clubs Mailing List on freelists (same org as the SEB students one), and subscribed everyone in the previous mailings plus some other requests. This list is to figure out how to integrate regional ethnobiology clubs around the world into a cohesive unit, sharing activities, ideas, and perhaps converging for some meetings or retreats here and there.

Amy Keller of the NY group has posted info on just such an event:
Perhaps you've noticed that the Ethnobiology Club took a hiatus for the spring semester after co-sponsored guest speaker, Dr. Michael Coe, last fall at the Graduate Center. However, we have been saving our funds for a huge event this September. Please save the date for a Skill Share Weekend at Lacawac Sanctuary in the Poconos. We have a space reserved there for September 25-28, with accompanying meeting space for a few hours Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th. Ideas for skills to share include, beer/wine making, crafts, food recipes or preserving, local ethnobotany/edible and/or medicinal plants, research presentations, botanical and fungal identification, or any field/laboratory skills you think people could benefit from. Skills or presentations could be from any subject or interest, and EVERYONE is welcome, whether you've attended Ethnobiology Club events before or not. Also, attending for only one night is perfectly acceptable as many of us have busy schedules. We will be sending out an official call for presentors later this summer, but please contact me anytime with ideas or questions. Have a great summer.

There's info below on how to post to the list, have people subscribe (they can do that themselves), and remove yourself from the list. Enjoy!

Take care,

Nat Bletter
UH Manoa/NYBG/CUNY Plant Sciences
212-677-0222 cell

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