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  • Date: Sun, 3 Oct 2004 22:27:08 +0200

The tuebingen group uses mainly their own-made equipment. They got also a eldith-system and working togethe with Mind-Media in developing software for their NEXUS system. I can explain and show you more this weekend when you are in my office.

Am 13.10.2004 um 22:10 schrieb Berrie Gerrits:

Hello Dörthe,
Ganz toll!
is there a Manual available of this workshop? What equipment is used? When and were will there be a  next workshop? Could you keep me informed on upcoming workshops on this subject?
Met vriendelijke groet/All the best/Ciao,
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dear group,
i would like to inform you about a workshop, which took place in munich about 10 days ago:
it concerned informations and trainings on "slow cortical potentials", a training, which was developed
by numerous researches in tübingen by prof. birbaumer, ute strehl et al. so this training fullfills 
scientific standards.
ulrike leins, an assistant of ute strehl, gave informations about scp-training with epilepsy and add.
it seems to be a good transferable training of "control to shift in activation and deactivation of arousal".
the clinical setting for this training consists of modules of training and modules of transfer -
so the patient is given a structured advice to train and to apply this training outside the trainings-setting.

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