[esnr] Re: science and clinical practice in our organisation

  • From: "rfk" <rfk@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <esnr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2004 10:14:10 +0200

dear listmembers

i see our discussion about "san" or "e-isnr" here emerging into various
directions. one is a direction addressing mainly scientists, or at least
practitioners with a scientific degree - the other is addressing qualified
clinicians (therapy, education, peak performance), be it qualified by "san"
or by the individual countries laws.
i absolutely agree that qualifications must be obtained to do nf, part of
which are  supplied by direct nf-education, provided  by san or other
institutes. the other parts must imo be regulated by the individual
countries law. i do point out this, having in mind many practitioners who
have been working over several years providing nf and made great
contributions to their clients and to the nf-field itself without having an
university diploma.
insisting on university degrees would not allow these folks to contribute to
the european society, which i think would be a pity.

best regards

stephan odermatt
raum fuer kinesiologie & nf
stephan odermatt
thoerigenstrasse 5
ch-3360 herzogenbuchsee, switzerland
phone: 0041 (0)62 961 65 55
e-mail: rfk@xxxxxxxxxx
co-director neurofeedback institut schweiz dollfus & odermatt

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