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Do you by any chance mean the wireless PET EEG embedded in a golf cap from

You can find more information on that on www.brainquiry.nl
<http://www.brainquiry.nl/>  (or more specifically


If you have any further questions you can also contact me back channel.


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 Did  anyone see this at Winterthur? Buy it? Is satisfied (or not) with it?

I would appreciate finding out who sells it (I don't mean Cowen's "golfing"



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Dear colleagues


Please speak up if it's not the case, but I guess most people would agree
that it makes sense if all messages intended for this group, and
communicated via this list, are written in our common language, English.
And considering the huge volume of e-mails that we all receive,  I suspect
it would be widely appreciated if people exchanged personal messages
'back-channel' ?


Thanks, grazie, gracias, merci, danke, dekuje, donke, dinkuje, takk,
obrigado... etc!



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