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Dear Ineke Baas

When you said:
> this whole concept of c.d.t. for me was very interesting. i am a 
> psychologist, and tried to 
>help a person very seriously damaged by T.B.I. with neurofeedback. Despite all 
>the efforts 
>that were made, she never profited in any way. And believe me we worked on it! 
did you make a profile of the possible damage to the cognitive processes of 
this person?

This question may sound a bit strange but it has some reason for it. 

Research on people who have suffered TBI have shown that if one asks to those 
people to
mentally rehearse the behaviour which was controlled by the damaged area, they 
tend not
be able to do it. This means that it is very useful to do a neuropsychology 
of these people even for very mild TBI. I have just four cases which have shown 
if I had not used a neuropsychology battery to evaluate what was going on, I 
would have been 
lost in trying to work out the proper intervention for these people. In one 
particular case, 
the person not only did NOT know what had happened to him because his wife and 
daughter hided 
away the CVA he had, which created a whole series of psychological problems 
like thinking that 
had from Alzheimer to dementia, but the physiotherapist also changed her 
attitude towards this
client because she started to do work from 'inside out' rather from 'outside 
in' like she
used to do. At the same time some of his EEG at some locations on the rolandic 
gyrus was
very slow (7-8c/s). I have been using these areas to increase his EEG and it 
seems that it
is doing something to his arms as they tend to display a better motor control. 
There is
and article on the Net: 
which even a bit old (2001) shows the importance of doing cognitive analysis on 
who may had TBI on the motor cortex. 

This again shows that it is not enough to 'work at it', but to have some idea 
what to work
at it, and for that one has to keep up to date with articles and research 
(sorry I couldn't
help to point this out once again).

Jorge Alvoeiro

Prof. Dr. Jorge Alvoeiro,PhD,Hull,UK
ISEIT-Instituto Piaget
Estrada do Alto do Gaio
3515-776 Lordosa

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