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No problem.

Dörte Klein <Doklein@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
john, patricia, tanju and all,
sorry and thank you´- usually i am able to read letters...
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Are you not mixing up the Training course with the Conference?  The Training 
course for beginners is the week before Easter and it is in Trondheim, Norway.
The Conference is likely to be in Antalya, Southern Turkey around the 15th May 
(dates are being fine tuned).
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dear john and all,
thank you for your informations and the feedback resp. think tank. it was a 
great pleasure for me to participate 
these fruitful days!
just a consideration for the date of the next congress: the place south-turkey 
is a wonderful idea, i have never been 
before at that place of earth.
but: i tried to look for bookings with several airlines - as it is the week 
before eastern, it is difficult to get tickets for the right days - and to low 
prices! so i suspect, this situation will get worse soon and will prevent some 
people to coming there ! ? 
could this be a point to better take a "neutral" time - apart from time of 
vacancies ? 

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