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Hello to  All,

a full page article on Neurofeedback was published yesterday in one of the 
biggest newspapers! Very informative for the general public. So, yes, the word 
is spreading!
Met vriendelijke groet/All the best/Ciao,

Berrie Gerrits

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    Dear All,
    Last week was an interesting week for neurofeedback in the US.  Dr Phil, a 
psychologist and associate of Oprah Winfrey who now has his own very widely 
viewed chat show, did a program on neurofeedback.  He was educated at the 
University of North Texas, one of the few universities in the US to have a 
program dedicated to research into neurofeedback.  On the show last week, he 
had one of his professors from the university talking about neurofeedback for 
children with ADHD.

    Also, Newsweek, one of the largest weekly news magazines in the country, 
had an article on neurofeedback based on technology that was developed by NASA, 
the American space agency.  I've attached the article to this email.  Note that 
it mentions that a peer-reviewed study is expected by year-end.  The study was 
done with this technology by Roger DeBeus, who was also educated at the 
University of N Texas and is president-elect of iSNR.  Business Week, another 
weekly news magazine, also recently ran an article on Roger's study.

    If this can happen in the US, where the drug companies are extremely 
powerful--2nd only to the oil industry, this sort of exposure is surely 
possible here in Europe.


  I'm sure that such exposure is not only possible, but probable if we all just 
keep writing press releases!  There have been a few radio broadcasts and a few 
press features - the last big one that springs to mind was in the New Scientist 
3 March 2001 (featuring both Americans and Europeans - Sterman, Rosenfeld, 
Birbaumer, Gruzelier & Egner) written by Laura Spinney from LONDON. Time to 
remind her about on-going developments, perhaps..? 

  Even writing for small local newspapers and magazines can be fruitful as 
these stories may fire the imagination of more influential writers on  more 
widely-read publications. So, yes, Ann - let's all just keep making a little 
noise.  The 'drip drip' effect is powerful. And I don't believe it is an 
exclusive province of America, Jorge!

  Just to encourage one another - if members are aware of, or indeed, have 
written, articles for the media, perhaps these could be shared on the esnr site 
(although, of course, unlike the USA, we don't have the advantage of a common 
language...)  What do you think?


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