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Dear Ann,

Thanks for your e-mail which let us know about the TV program in NF.

On the other hand, my impression regarding research, is that there may be 
more research in NF in Europe than in the US. In fact, over there, there
are a vast number of people providing NF training and therapy but apart from
labs like the one by Lumbar and a couple more, the NF research, as you have 
pointed out, may be a bit thin. Here in Portugal we have two projects in NF. 
One proposed to the Bial Foundation, the other to the place where I work. In 
the UK I know of your place, Imperial Col. and there is some interest at Hull 
in doing something in NF. I believe there other places in Europe like in
Germany and France which are doing research in NF. So, by and large, what
we, europeans, lack is in marketing what we do, as you have described below.
But this is a long established situation and we still carry on not letting 
others know what we do best. It looks like we have to go to the US in order 
to get the necessary marketing backup so that the world know what we have done, 
are doing and plan to do in the future in areas like NF.

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> Dear All,
> Last week was an interesting week for neurofeedback in the US.  Dr Phil, a 
> psychologist and >associate of Oprah Winfrey who now has his own very widely 
> viewed chat show, did a program on >eurofeedback.  He was educated at the 
> University of North Texas, one of the few universities >in the US to have a 
> program dedicated to research into neurofeedback.  On the show last week, >he 
> had one of his professors from the university talking about neurofeedback for 
> children >with ADHD.
> Also, Newsweek, one of the largest weekly news magazines in the country, had 
> an article on neurofeedback based on technology that was developed by NASA, 
> the American space agency.  I've >attached the article to this email.  Note 
> that it mentions that a peer-reviewed study is >expected by year-end.  The 
> study was done with this technology by Roger DeBeus, who was also >educated 
> at the University of N Texas and is president-elect of iSNR.  Business Week, 
> another >weekly news magazine, also recently ran an article on Roger's study.
> If this can happen in the US, where the drug companies are extremely 
> powerful--2nd only to >the oil industry, this sort of exposure is surely 
> possible here in Europe.
> Regards,
> ann

Prof. Dr. Jorge Alvoeiro,PhD(Hull,UK), C.Psychol.(BPS,UK)
Instituto Piaget
Estrada do Alto do Gaio
3515-776 Lordosa

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