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Exactly! the 21st.
Sorry to miss the ADHD talk on the 30th.  I hope you can arrange another 
meeting soon for the Brits!
This is the message I sent as a reminder to members.
All the best and thanks for the country house opera outing at Garsington in 

The Board met again this week and this is a reminder of the vote deadline of 
the 21st July for the Referendum on the Bye-laws.

Please cast your vote if you have not already done so through the society 
website www.e-isnr.org.

We will email those members who have not renewed with i-snr since Winterthur 
with details of how to send dues to Patricia so that they are entitled to vote.

The following is a list of proposed benfits to members of the new Society SAN.

Journal of Neurotherapy (electronic or optional hardcopy, to be negotiated).

Journal of Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (electronic).

Journal of Applied Neuroscience (to be established/discussions underway with 

Reduced rates for SAN conferences, workshops, training courses, etc.

Affiliation with iSNR and benefits for conferences, etc.

Affiliation with AAPB and benefits for conferences, etc.

SAN membership directory.

SAN website special access.

SAN membership forum and web list.

SAN e-mail news bulletins.

SAN website links to personal website.

Clinical-academic mentoring provision.

Training courses and certification (university association is under discussion).

Membership and training certificates.

Affiliation with other neuroscience and clinical societies is under discussion. 
(Patricia has just returned from the Federation of European Neuroscience 
Societies FENS with lots more ideas!)

With best wishes,


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John, I know that you sent an e-mail about the voting deadline and procedures 
for the proposed changes to bye-laws recently - but I seem to have deleted it.  
Many apologies, but please could you re-send.  I think the dealine is almost 
upon us... next wednesday  21st?
Many thanks 
Melissa Foks

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