[esnr] Re: Training and Certification.

  • From: Jorge Alvoeiro <ex_ip276239@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 22:05:48 +0100


Further to your e-mail, when you ask:

> cases, and they will be at diploma/masters level. The European diploma
> scheme sounds interesting, can you forward details? The SAN concept, in
Are you asking about the European Diploma in Psychology or the plan for the
MSc proposed to the Portuguese Government? If it's this last point you are
looking for I will have to ask permition from the place where I work for and I
will translate it after that.

Also, nice to know that all is well at the BPPS. Let us all know when the
annual meetings are on as there may be lots of people at the ESNR who
or would like to present their work or even just to find out the latest work
in BF.

Regarding this last point:
> Volunteers to serve on the committee for Training and Certification are
> most welcome.
You may count on me for that, teaching/researching timetable permitting.

All the best.
Prof. Dr. Jorge Alvoeiro, Ph.D.(Hull,UK), C.Psych.(BPS,UK)
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