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Thankyou everyone for all the messages that have come in over the weekend.

We anticipate that it will take a long time to set up Training courses and 
Certification.  This is at a very, very early stage. 

We will begin, by holding a week long course on basic training that will be 
relevant to all three streams envisaged.  At the same time we are in 
discussions with Trondheim.

Jorge, it was antiticipated that these will be for graduates, in most cases, 
and they will be at diploma/masters level. The European diploma scheme sounds 
interesting, can you forward details? The SAN concept, in contrast to E-SNR, 
clearly should help in strengthening the role of neurofeedback amongst the 
scientific and clinical communty and warding off any form of take over.
[The BPPS is till alive an kicking, though atracts about 40-50 to its annual 
meetings.  I was invited to organise a symposium on biofeedback last year to 
which Niels Birbaummer and Herta Flor contributed. Two psychology departments 
have since invited me back to speak with the intention of starting biofeedback 

Plase note that the aims to set up Training and Certifiacation will occur no 
matter what form the society takes, these aims are independent of the issues of 
the Referendum.

Volunteers to serve on the committee for Training and Certification are most 


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Dear List membersm,

One thing which we cannot regulate with training is ethical behaviour. I am 
BCIA certified,  a veteran special educationalist, and an ASHA speech 
pathologist.  Should a patient of mine with an ADHD son request treatment 
for herself, and I suspect there is a psychiatric condition, I would never 
dream of treating her without full medical and psychological evaluations, 
diagnoses and backup.  Clinicial diagnosis and hands on treatment are very 
different in this case. That is an ethical standard.  There are many MD  and 
PhD practioners who use NFB with no specific education.
Their standard of practice is certainly lower that mine, so where do we draw 
the line.  I believe that we are all responsible for knowing our own 
limitations, and for sticking to the highest level of personal and public 
accountability.  As a profession it is the only way we can grow in both 
reputation and recognition.


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