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Dear Catherine,

Sorry you can not make it to London; we will miss your participation.  There 
will be 10 of us, and we will report back to members for a dialogue.

The Council of SAN will meet the day following to plan the launch of the new 

The Referendum provided clear support for SAN, and since then when members 
returned from their holidays we have received additional support.  

I will report back more fully after our Council meeting, meanwhile just to say 
that at the recent i_SNR meeting in Florida, Juri and I met with Joe Hovarth 
the new president, Roger de Beus, the president elect, Joel Lubar the past 
president, and Cory Hammond who was president when the European chapter took 
off. They understand our perspective and acknowledge the result of our 
referendum, and will report their consensus to their Board.

There was enormous support for SAN by attendees at the meeting, and we will 
report back about the various new initiatives, and the launch of SAN.

With best wishes,


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Dear Colleaques,

for what ever reason may be, the God of web-lists has seen fit to bump all 
my ESNR messages since 27th of July.  All the arrangments for the Think Tank 
went unread. Please forgive my failure to participate. Family circumstances 
won't allow for weekends in London, regardless of how important and 
stimulating they may be. I look forward to the feedback.
As a student I worked in the Imperial College  accomodation block as a 
cleaner during the long vacation. Word of advice, look out for vicitms of 
over indulgence sleeping it off in the showers, and if they are SAN members 
straighten their ties before you send them on their way.

Was there a result on the referendum?  That too never made my e-mail.

Enjoy the weekend, wish I was coming.


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