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  • From: Berrie Gerrits <praktijkgerrits@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ESNR@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 08:56:08 +0200

Dear collegues,

being new in this field I 'am very surprised to read all these comments on
European independence, etcetera.
As far as I know the vote in Winterthür concerned the following point: "Does
the EU-Board have permission to investigate possibillities of letting become
the EU-chapter an independent organisation, IF (I repeat: IF) the iSNR isn't
prepared to give more money to the EU-chapter (because at the time the EU
chapter didn't have enough means to function properly).

Either I missed a piece of the process (negotiating with the iSNR) or the
Board skipped a piece, or I got wrong the reason for voting.

I would say, like Dr. Congedo and like more clinical oriented collegues: go
back to negotiate with iSNR and try to implement the European ideas. There
is strength in numbers.

Secondly: it seems that Trontheim is going to be the place where a future
University degree in QEEG and NT can be obtained. This strikes me. Why not a
more central place like Zürich, München, Prague, Paris, etcetera?

But mainly my question is: what are the political agenda's behind all these

Met vriendelijke groet/All the best/Ciao,

Berrie Gerrits

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