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  • Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 15:44:28 +0200

Dear listmembers,


At the ISNR meeting I was approached by Dr Evans (from the famous book by
Evans and Abarbanel). They are currently working on a new version of that
book and they wanted to include a new chapter on Neurofeedback in the EU and
other parts of the world.


Therefore, I was asked to fill out the attached survey. Could anyone
interested fill out this questionnaire as well and send it to Martha
Maldonado (also see E-mail message below)?


Dear Martijn,


 My name is Martha Maldonado,   


I met you at the last ISNR conference. There, I asked you to answer a
survey, whose responses will be used for a chapter in a book about
neurofeedback, which will be published in the United States by Evans and
Abarbanel). The chapter is to provide an overview of the current status of
neurofeedback  (neurotherapy; EEG biofeedback) in various other countries. I
will very much appreciate the information you would provide concerning your
country. I would appreciate it very much if you would complete this survey
and return it to me at your earliest convenience. The chapter manuscript is
due by October, so I am hoping to have the survey returned to me as soon as


 Dr. Evans told me you would also provide information about other NF
practioners in your country and Europe?


You might send the survey to my e-mail address:




 Fax: 55 5543 8727


 Thank you very much,




Martha Maldonado MEd




Kind regards,


Drs. Martijn Arns


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