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  • From: "Gruzelier, John H" <j.gruzelier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2004 16:40:41 +0100

Summary of the Board Meeting of 7th July.

The Board met by telelink and this is a summary of main issues and the proposal 
for the Vote on the Referendum concerning changes to the Bye-laws.  We 
particularly focussed on issues that members have raised on the List and it is 
these that are summarised here.

Training Course and Call for Committee members.

We have decided not to proceed with the basic component 1 of the Training 
course in 2004.  We plan instead to hold a Think Tank to thoroughly discuss 
issues such as qualifications of trainees, curriculum, diverse streams, etc, 
including all the matters that have arisen on the List with reference to 
Training and Certification as part of the Aims of the Society.
This will be held in London or thereabouts in September and we hope that all 
members with a commitment to these issues will join the Board and attend and 
help with the process.  It may be held in a university Hall of Residence to 
provide affordable accommodation.
The outcome will be posted on the List for further discussion.
Tentative dates are 17,18 September.
We note that this delay in no way alters our prioritising this matter as one of 
extreme importance.  This is not a recipe for vacillation and inaction.
Further Members of the Training course Committee are sought.

European and International Membership.

The focus of the Society is European with predominantly European concerns.  At 
the same time we see no reason to restrict membership to Europeans.  (I belong 
to several US societies as an ordinary member, to give an example). At no time 
have we had the intention of setting up an international society to rival iSNR. 
 However, we do have every intention of encouraging international attendance at 
our meetings, and involving 'international' teachers on our training courses.  
This will be to the advantage of the field in general.
Stating our aim as an international society was done in draft 2 of the Aims, in 
the service of parsimony, but this has led to some members imputing aims that 
were not intended.  In order to avoid such misunderstanding the aim will be 
restated as 'a European society which is open to international membership.'
Members of the Board, without exception have an international vision for the 
scientific and clinical aims of the society, as a society of applied 
neuroscience, and one which is complimentary to I-SNR.

Referendum and Vote on changes to the Bye-laws.

The List was set up to facilitate discussion about the referendum on the 6th 
June.  At the same time the proposed changes to the Bye-laws were posted on the 
web along with the existing Bye-laws.  It is now proposed to set a date for 
voting on the changes to the Bye-laws; aside from the issue of international 
versus Europe which is being addressed. This date has been set as 21st July.

Bye-Laws and Aims of the Society.

The Bye-laws and the Aims of the Society are being confused.  Perhaps this is 
largely because we posted them at the same time.  The Aims of a Society are 
always evolving. Our Bye-laws in their scope and detail are very very similar 
to those of other comparable societies.  Bye-laws of scientific societies do 
not go into detail over membership qualifications, training courses, 
certification issues, etc.  These procedures are set up by societies, but do 
not form part of the Bye-laws.  At a practical level societies would never get 
started if all such issues were to be somehow determined in advance.

Membership Status

All members will be members of both SAN and I-SNR until such time as dues are 
paid directly to SAN following the Referendum outcome.

The List.

The List will serve as a valuable service in promoting discussion about all 
aspects of how the Society should function, aside from the AGM.  It will 
continue to serve this function, as the range of issues is expanded.  Members 
are encouraged to express their opinions.

Annual Meeting.

The Board is proposing a meeting in 2005, possibly in May. Currently a central 
location is being sought.

John Gruzelier


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