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I warned about implicit advertisement some time ago in this list. Nobody cared, 
then as now!

Berrie Gerrits <praktijkgerrits@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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underline}SPAN.EmailStijl17 {   COLOR: navy; FONT-FAMILY: Arial}DIV.Section1 {  
page: Section1}Advertisements? Informing? 
What is the code for this list? What is allowed? What is unwanted?
Can anyone comment on this?
Met vriendelijke groet/All the best/Ciao,
Berrie Gerrits
Psychologenpraktijk Gerrits
Sloetstraat 14
6524 AS  Nijmegen
Tel: 024-3235053
Neurofeedback en QEEG gecertificeerd (AAPB CR)
BIG geregistreerd (GZ en psychotherapie)
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From: Martijn Arns 
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Sent: Monday, October 11, 2004 12:38 PM
Subject: [esnr] Re: Standardised Equipment

Dear List,


I followed the discussion on standardized hardware. I think our company would 
be most interested in being of value to the Neurofeedback society in Europe!

We are a European company based in Holland. Our hardware meets the highest 
specifications (also see attached a comparison of the specification to the 
NeuroScan amplifier, a ? 30.000,- piece of hardware) and our prices are most 
affordable (around a ? 795,- for the hardware). Currently we have a wireless 
version, but we will also be supporting a wired USB version.


For software we currently use BioExplorer. However, we are open to interfacing 
to other NF software packages (we can provide our source code or DLL in order 
to read our data into other applications).




Kind regards,


Drs. Martijn Arns


BraInquiry B.V.

Research and Development

Toernooiveld 100

P.O. Box 31070

6503 CB Nijmegen

The Netherlands


Tel.: +31 (0)24-3528878

GSM: +31 (0)6-48177919

Fax: +31 (0)24-3540090


E-mail: martijn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

URL: www.BraInquiry.nl 


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In a message dated 11/10/2004 11:21:02 GMT Daylight Time, Doklein@xxxxxxxxxxx 

my vision would be: recommendations for minimum requirements of 
equipment-features - but neutral resp. products. 

I think both are needed - a specification of minimum requirements, which may be 
common to several systems - but also a specific product recommendation in order 
to obtain best prices, funding and support from a committed provider.



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